Welcome to GelBlasters.lk, The official Website of Gel Blasters Lanka Pvt Ltd. Gel Blasters Lanka is the Sri Lanka’s leading Number one Gel Blaster specialist who has introduced the highest number of gel blasters to the Sri Lankan market and who has the highest rating for the quality, sales and the after sales.

We started our journey of selling Gel blasters in Sri Lanka from the website OneClick.lk in 2019, which is managed by our partner Company OneClick Lanka Pvt Ltd and we noticed a spike in the sales for the Gel Blaster toy Guns in Sri Lanka, therefore we decided to expand our business more in way such as that we started a different venture for Gel blasters as Gel Blasters Lanka Pvt Ltd.

Our motive is to continue our legacy being the number one gel blaster Specialist in Sri Lanka, we promise you that we will provide you all with the high-quality Gel Blasters with the Lowest price in the Island with the best after sales support. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is important to us, always. Sincerely,

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